Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fire Fox work Offline Mode

If your firefox browser always opening in work offline mode and want to get rid of it then here is the solution...

1. open firefox

2. Type in url about:config

3. click i'll be careful, i promise! (if it asks)

4. Find toolkit.networkmanager.disable by typing in the search field.

5. Change the value to true (double click)

6. Restart your browser.

Thats it "Happy browsing"...


  1. Thanks again, Jey.
    You are slowly helping me to bypass all the little annoyances of Ubuntu :)

    This post is especially useful if you use a dial-up USB modem like Relaince's or Tata's ZTE/Huawei models and have done custom connection settings.

  2. @ Dexter_Greycells

    Thanks for your encouraging comments :-)