Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Install Multimedia Codec in Ubuntu 9.04 with out internet (offline)

This post will be useful for those do not have internet connection. These methods are only restricted to ubuntu 9.04. For ubuntu 8.10 go here.

Installing ubuntu restricted extras by following methods will enable multimedia codec, java run time, flash, unrar, commanly used M$ fonts and libdvdcss (required to play encrepted DVDs). If Ubuntu is brand new to you then use method one.

Method I

Download ubuntu-restricted-extras-31 for ubuntu 9.04 from here
http://rapidshare.com/files/229539080/ubuntu_restricted_extras_31.deb It is basically debian package (like .exe file in windows). Once downloaded double click on it this will ask you to give password to proceed further. So give your password and relax for few second. Thats it. Now onwards you should be able to play your favourite movies and audio songs.

Method II

Download Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer 9.04 from here
http://rapidshare.com/files/226569752/Ubuntu_Restricted__Extras_9.04_Offline_Installer.tar.gz. Once downloaded extract the package (right click --> extract here). In the new folder double click on install.sh file. Now new (small)window will appear in which you have to select run in terminal tab. Note that this package will not install Microsoft fonts automatically. To install Microsoft fonts copy fonts folder from ubuntu restricted extras offline installer 9.04 and paste in Home folder (places --> Home folder) and rename it as .fonts ( yes it is "dot fonts"). Thats it...

NOTE: Read "Read me" text file before installing packages.


  1. You need to clean up the grammar in this post I cant tell if you are saying the first one doesnt work for offline installation or if the second one doesnt..or if this is strictly limited to 8.10

    Other than that you have a decent site for Ubuntu newbies I suppose...but clean up your site a lil bit.

  2. @ NFBlaze
    Thank you for pointing out mistakes. Will be careful now onwards...