Saturday, April 11, 2009

Download, Install & Read ebooks directly from the Internet by using gutenbrowser

The Gutenberg project releases books in a standard text format. Volunteers convert a subset of the text to HTML and PDFs and to a few other less ubiquitous formats besides. Other support sites such as give you even more choice of formats including compressed formats for palmtops, iPod and Java-based telephones. These sites are mostly free with the option to make a small donation.

The Gutenberg project has delivered to the world the base material for serious and progressive Edutainment. Started back in 1971 by Michael S. Hart, the project has blossomed with numerous affiliated projects. The project’s great success is measurable with a body of around 100,000 available texts—and rising.
To download and install those books open synoptic package manager and search for the package gutenbrowser right click on it and select mark for installation. This will sellect required dependency package for the browser. After selecting package apply for installation. once package is been installed open up terminal type gutenbrowser and hit enter. Now you will see the gutenbrowser in the new window.

To download the book lisk go to library and select gutenberg. This will download list of all available books. Once the list is downloaded you can search books by either title or author name using search option. Now you can download your selected books by double clicking on the it. Downloading may take few second to few minutes depending on ebook size. If you want to read the downloaded books go to library and select lacal. This will show list of all downloaded eboobks from the internet. select your desired book and enjoy reading :-)

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