Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drag panel - Ubuntu 9.04

Just installed Ubuntu 9.04 in my friend's laptop. He is not comfortable with the top panel and wanted it to be bottom along with other panel. Normally it can be done by dragging with your right mouse button clicked or right click -->> select an option move. But this same trick wont work in Ubuntu 9.04. Instead you must press Alt and drag the panel. Found this short cut today :-)


  1. Hehe..
    I used a really long approach to fix this before I saw your post.
    I added all the launchers/applets which were present in the top panel to the bottom panel as well. Then I simply deleted the top panel and it worked. Got more real estate on my laptop now! :)

    Applets/launchers that need to be added to the bottom panel by right clicking and using the 'Add to panel' option -
    Menu Bar
    Notification Area
    Volume Control
    User Switcher

  2. Hahaha... (really laughing)

    This is the beauty of linux. One way or other you can reach your destination.