Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Install Multimedia Codec in Ubuntu 9.10 / 10.04 with out internet connetion (offline)

For ubuntu 8.10 go here

For ubuntu 9.04 go here

For ubuntu 10.04 go here

Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer is a combination of packages containing multimedia codec and other most widely used restricted packages. This must be one of the most wanted package any body like to install after installing fresh Ubuntu. Installing ubuntu restricted extras will enable multimedia codec, java run time, flash, unrar, commanly used M$ fonts and libdvdcss (required to play encrepted DVDs). If you do not have internet connection then this package is for you. Download Ubuntu_restricted_extras_offline_installer_ubuntu_9.10.tar from this link and save it in the desktop or home folder. Then right click on it and select extract here option. Now you can see new folder. Go to extracted (new) folder and double click on file. This will bring up new (small) window in which select run in terminal option. Now you are done. You can check it by playing some video and audio files.


  1. Sundar,
    Nice to see Ubuntu blogs from you after a long while.

    Offline installers are damn useful in a place like India where most of us do not have unlimited download internet connections.

    This is also very useful when you are trying to install Ubuntu on multiple machines or at a cousin's/friend's place.

    Only thing is that I think some users might be scared of downloading a file from rapidshare which is infamous for hosting pirated content!

  2. Bit busy with my work for some time... Your comments are encouraging me to post more :-))

  3. this site is very helpful for users like me
    all the requirred things under one roof ;)

  4. @ dvs
    Thanks for your comment...

  5. sundar.. one silly doubt pls.....
    how to accept the java licence window?? :O