Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Find Hardware Details of your Personal Computer / Laptop

GNOME Device Manager helps you to find out harware details of your computer. You can install it using Synoptic Manager or type sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager in the terminal

System --> Administration --> Synaptic Packet Manager --> gnome-device-manager

Once installed you’ll find it on the

Applications → System Tools menu

To significantly enhance its usability, click View → Device Properties in the Device Manager window. This adds a second Properties tab to the display that shows the technical details about each application. In some ways it’s an information overload but it can prove vital when problem solving. In most ways GNOME Device Manager is similar to its Windows counterpart. The main difference is that it’s purely an informational tool, with no ability to change drivers or configurations. The other difference is that, just because hardware appears in the list under GNOME Device Manager, that doesn’t mean it’s setup for use under Ubuntu. GNOME Device Manager’s list is produced by simply probing the hardware andreporting what it finds.

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