Thursday, February 12, 2009

Installing Off Line Dictionary and Threasure in UBUNTU

Finally i have succeeded installing good dictionary and treasure in my UBUNTU 8.10. But i think it should work in all other UBUNTU version too. I recommend Method I which is simplest and easiest way...


Fire up the synoptic packet manager and search for stardict. Mark for installation and apply changes. It takes few seconds to download and install.Now go to this page and download desired dictionary. For example if you want oxford then download oxford advanced learner's dictionary. You should download tarball format not an rpm package. After downloading right click the package and select extract here. This extrated folder need to be moved to /usr/share/stardict/dic. To do that there are many method. I used GUI (Graphical User Interface). Before executing this command copy the extrated folder. Open Terminal from application --> Accossaries --> Terminal. Type the folloing comand gksudo nautilus and hit enter.You need to give your admin password after this command. Once the command been executed new window will open. Open File system --> usr --> share --> stardict --> dic
Paste the already copied extracted folder here. Now close the window go to Application --> accosseries --> click stardict and type some words to check. You can install as many as dictionary on that dic folder.


You should have following packages installed to follow this method.

1. dict-gcide
2. wordnet
3. dict-moby-thesaurus
4 dict-jargon
5. dict-vera
6. Lexica (No installation required)

Install above packages 1- 5 from Synoptic Package Manager (System --> Administration --> Synoptic Package Manager)

The sixth package Lexica can be downloaded from here.

Copy Lexica to your home folder and extract it by right clicking and selecting an option "Extract Here"

Right click Application menu and select Edit Menus.

In the new window select Office from left side and click +New Items on the right side.

Again click Browse button and navigate through home folder ---> Lexica ---> select lexica. You can give name and comments as per your wish. Now click OK and close all window.

You can find Dictionary (Lexica) GUI from Application ---> Office ---> Lexica(Name provided by you)

Note: You can also access this dictionary by using following command in your terminal.

dict 'word'

Method III

Inbuilt Gnome dictionary which comes with Ubuntu CD is an online dictionary. In this method we are going it to modify to be used for offline purpose. Now open synoptic packet manager and install following packages dictcd, dict-wn and dict-gcide.

Once packages are installed open Gnome dictionary (Application-->Accessories-->Dictionary) and go to edit --> preferences then add new dictionary. In the new window type localhost insted of in the host name and click add. Now you can see the adtional dictionary in the sourse tab. Enable it and close. Now onwards you shoul be able to use it even while not connected to the internet.


  1. Life is just getting better with Ubuntu!
    This tool one is specially useful for those people who do not have always-on and unlimited download internet connections (like my MTNL & Reliance connections in India!)