Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to install Microsoft Fonts in Linux OS (Gnome and Kde)

This is simple trick to use Microsoft fonts in your Linux operating system.

Copy Fonts from Microsoft windows:
Open C:\ --> windows --> fonts

Here you will find different files along with font files. Copy only font files that is files ending with .ttf or .TTF....

For Gnome user:
Open Home folder --> click view --> show hidden files

Check for .fonts folder. If there is no such folder fine make one. Now open .fonts folder and paste all font files which you have already copied from windows font folder. Now all fonts are ready to use. You can check new fonts from Open writer....

For Kde users:
Open Konqueror file manager.
Type fonts:/ and hit enter. Now you can find two files 1. personal 2. system. Open one of the folder(preferably personal if there is only one user) and paste fonts which you have already copied from window. As usual you can check new fonts from writer...

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