Tuesday, February 17, 2009

View all of a digital photo’s technical information

Most pictures taken by digital cameras are saved in EXIF JPEG format. This means that they record technical details about the shot along with the actual image data. The information includes the exposure time, the aperture used, whether the flash was active, and so on. In Ubuntu you can view this information by right-clicking any image, clicking Properties, and then looking at the Image tab. To view even more information, double-click the image so it opens in Eye of GNOME (the default Ubuntu image viewer) and then click File → Properties. Then click the Metadata tab and click the Details fold-down. Remember that even dialog boxes within Ubuntu can be enlarged by clicking and dragging the corners—this can really help view all the available information. To view the information at the command-line, use Synaptic to installthe exif package. Then, to view the EXIF information, simply type exif photo.jpg, replacing photo.jpg with the name of the file.

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